RM 1380

RM Yachts has announced the largest plywood-epoxy cruiser ever built in the world.

Published on Aug. 17, 2022

RM Yachts is proud and delighted to announce the soon launch of the RM1380.

As a result of the combination of La Rochelle-based shipyard’s know-how and Grand Large Yachting group’s background and experience, she will be topping a range that keeps its iconic models: 890+, 970, 1070+ and 1180.

Under Marc Lombard’s pencil – the historical architect of RM Yachts – her lines unveil a racy yet seducing profile, with a modern silhouette underlined by a color palette that makes her unmistakable. This brand-new model orientation is primarily cruising.

Coastal or blue water cruising, but always fast, and in unmatched conditions of comfort, safety and performance.

“We really started from a blank page to re-write what an RM-designed family cruiser should be: a new hull, a new deck plan, and always this seducing style with makes our yachts look unique with a timeless charm”.

Available in 2, 3 or 4 cabins, she inherits – like all RM yachts – of a luminous and bright, loft-style interior, thanks to her panoramic windshield, one of RM Yachts’ signatures.

In addition, she comes with a list of optional ocean-cruising-oriented equipment (arch for solar panels with dinghy davits, dog-house, etc.) as well as an on-demand folding transom.

Designed to sail far and fast, with her wide hull and cutter rig, the RM1380 has stunning sailing capacities and a second-to-none route stability which will undoubtedly become a new reference in the booming long-range cruisers market segment.

“Beyond her legendary “remarkable” personality, it’s the notion of lifestyle, her seaworthiness, her focus on safety and her performance under sail which are the fundamentals of this new model. Then you can add solidity, longevity, the easiness to be repaired if needed, and her durability, which has always been key to this shipyard and has recently become a meaningful focus with the notion of sustainability. In three words, “the wood composite”, that say it all. Ultra-functional deck plan, where everything has been thoroughly thought to facilitate handling, yet enabling some fine sail-trimming and boost performance. In a nutshell, the RM1380 is the quintessence of RM’s range, and will provide to the “sailing sailors” the yacht they deserve”.

Fully customizable, thanks to a limitless color palette, she comes with twin rudders but can be configured with twin keels or a lifting keel, depending on her owner’s choice.

Built with plywood-epoxy, a technique that our teams know in-and-out since inception, the RM1380 will actually be the largest cruiser ever built using this avant-garde material, which is also eco-friendly.

Our team is at your entire disposal to help you configure your own RM1380, and make sure you will be one of the happy few to start turning heads on the water in 2022!