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What is hull2hull?

Rich media content

Flick through countless quality photos, watch promotional videos and tests, read independent reviews, enjoy colourful PDF brochures.

Huge selection of boats

We've done the hard work for you: gathered same data in the same format for numerous boats, so you can see all alternatives in one place.

Fast and hassle free

Made for humans. Browse all information in a fast and transparent way. Everything is available upfront, without ‘quotes’ or ad clutter.

Official content

Where possible, we use information directly from boatyards: photos, videos, descriptions, brochures, prices, news. And a pinch of independent reviews.

Ahoy, sailors!

Recent Great Lockdowns made us all think. What will keep us going when to sail away is not an option? How do we have some downtime and switch off from stress? How do we bring more things online to take us through the calms and make a positive change for future?

I enjoyed using ‘me-time’ to build this website – for myself and for fellow sailors who either daydreaming or actually planning to buy a new boat. High quality content without annoying features of many old-school websites – that’s my idea of sailor-centered project.

Dmitry Khavanskiy

Founder @

The story

The project was born in a sailor's head out of great frustration: finding information about new exciting boats is an extremely tedious task. Slow websites, irritating adverts, countless contact forms, hidden information - does it have to be like this? No.

On hull2hull you’ll find tons of information about new sailing boats from top boat manufacturers as well smaller yards to see all alternatives on the market. There is a lot of official information, particularly photos, brochures and videos, but also many independent reviews and pricing research.

Explore, anchor and share your favourite boats.

Contact form

This website aims to deliver the best content on new sailing boats, but we have just started. Please help us to make it even better and send your feedback or comments using the form.

Small print

All images belong to respective owners. Only publicly available promotional images were used with a sole aim to promote respective products. Pricing data is acquired from numerous open sources and aggregated, it can only be used as a guidance and not a precise tool for comparison. Boat manufacturers and their official representatives may suggest own data and assets to be used on this website to better reprresent respective brand, but this may be rejected.